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Michel AUTRAND is a highly qualified consultant, specialized in aquaculture services worldwide. For many years he has been actively involved in the development of innovative aquaculture projects, both at research and production levels. Today Michel AUTRAND, with the support of a pool of highly professional experts, proposes a wide range of services in aquaculture based on 25 years of experience





We basically offer these services for shrimp culture, but our associated experts can also help you in defining project using other species like : Fresh water prawn, eels, sea bass and sea bream, and several other fresh water fishes.

- General aquaculture studies. They are generally performed on request of Governments, Banks or International Institutions and concern regional coastal development studies or national master plans. Our approach is mainly focused on environmentally and socially-responsible utilization of natural resources in order to propose sustainable ways of aquaculture development.

- Technical and environmental appraisals of existing aquaculture facilities. These studies are generally conducted for clients who wish to solve zootechnical problems or improve their production. A correct technical appraisal is often based on an environmental approach as environmental issues directly affect production and sustainability of shrimp farming projects.

- Preliminary project studies including site selection and/or site validation. This kind of study is the first step for any project implementation. It allows to select or validate a site following a specific methodology and to define roughly the project according to the environmental constraints. This step is important. Indeed, many projects in the world never reach their targets only because production facilities are not well adapted to the real site biological potential.
To perform detailed environmental studies, Michel AUTRAND is frequently supported by a team of scientists from the hydrobiological laboratory of the University of Montpellier

- Detailed feasibility study. Such a study is essential for the promoter since it provides him with detailed information allowing decision-making on project realization. The objective is to make reliable predictions about project feasibility based on a detailed analysis of all necessary relevant data. It takes into account technical and economical factors in order to provide the investor with technical and economical aspects of future project (evaluations of required funds and project profitability). This study generally constitute a pre-requested document for banks and financial organisations.

- Engineering services. These services cover all components of a project realization, and are performed by steps (sketch design, detailed engineering studies, tenders, supervision of construction ..). At this stage, we can be assisted by KELENN a reputable engineering office, based in Brittany, specialized for several years in the design of temperate and tropical aquaculture facilities, and PRO AQUA a very efficient supplier of aquaculture products and equipments.

- Transfer of technology. These services include assistance in recruiting staff management, preparation of fully adapted production manuals, support for production start-up, and support missions. Thanks to our strong collaboration with several senior independent experts, we can also provide a highly qualified assistance to the producers, in several innovative and very important sectors like : Detailed environmental studies, hatchery sanitary management and use of probiotics, and reproduction, broodstock rearing and genetic selection


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As a coordinator of AUTRAND AQUACULTURE CONSULTANTS group of experts, Michel AUTRAND's background and experience is a guarantee of seriousness and high professionalism.


From 1973 to 1983, he was in charge of the IFREMER Aquaculture Research Station in New Caledonia (French R &D Institute). As a member of the famous AQUACOP team, working on the development of marine shrimp propagation and farming, he is considered as one of the pioneers of the development of shrimp broodstock in captivity. New Caledonia's current annual production of P. stylirostris is 1500 tons, exclusively from a captive broodstock that has been established for more than 15 years.


Between 1982 and 1994, Michel AUTRAND was in charge of the coordination of aquaculture studies, then of technical management of the French Company FRANCE AQUACULTURE, (a subsidiary of IFREMER). During more than 15 years, F.A., has transferred technologies and skills to many successful aquaculture projects in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa.

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